Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beaujolais "Boo" Helps Around The Farm

So we have these kittens, Beaujolais and Shiraz, who were found in a trash can at White Hall Vineyards, in Crozet, VA. I needed barn cats and these two needed a home. They arrived in October, just before Halloween.

Beaujolais or Boo, is all black, and Shiraz is smokey gray.
Shiraz is timid and prefers life in the farm office. Boo is full of character and curiosity.
Each morning Boo waits for the chickens to be released from their coop, then picks a spot along their feed tray and helps himself.

Whenever we clean the chicken coop, Boo walks around on the inside, drinks from their waterer, and watches us gather the eggs.

Right after Christmas, Jack climbed the stall wall to take down the Christmas lights. Boo scrambled up the wall (the same way), and walked the top rail, watching Jack unravel 300 feet of cord.
The most interesting thing about Boo is that his belly has the picture of a smiley face. So if you pick him up, and hold him all stretched out, he has this GIANT smile for you! We love our Boo.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Field Trip to Touchstone Farm and Yoder's Country Store

Winter is the perfect time for field trips. Yesterday we spent a blustery morning visiting with several rescued miniature horses at Touchstone Farm, in Madison, VA. Both of our miniature horses, Willy Wonka and Snickerdoodle, began their journey of recovery here. It was great to see Kim K., owner and operator of the rescue, interact and teach us about the minis.

Then we were off to Yoder's Country Store, to visit the barnyard of animals. Yoder's just installed a "goat walk", where the kids could pulley grain up to the top and then watch the goats carefully travel the planks to get their treat. Very cool. Amy enjoyed snuggling the boer does as they peaked their heads through the fence.

And Jack loved the Royal Palm turkeys. He tried to talk "turkey" to them and has informed me we need one at Edenbrook Farm. They're kind of loud, aren't they?


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

25" of Snow at Edenbrook Farm

No one has been in the right place since Sunday! I had to get all the critters close to the barn, so that trudging through the snow wasn't an issue. But let me tell you - it's still an issue. I am proud to say that I have made it through my first blizzard as a farmer. (I am exhausted). :)

Chicken coop in the wash stall.
Donkeys and Minis in the arena.
Ramona the cow in the round pen just beyond.
Fjords in the goat paddock.
Goats and llamas are in the barn witing their turn in the paddock.
Driveway down to the barn.

A winter wonderland. 12/19/09

The animals were a bit confused with the monumentous snowstorm we had last weekend. I couldn't get to the farm on Saturday, as the roads were impassible. My wonderful friend and farm neighbor rescued me and fed all the animals for me. The next day we plowed our way in, brought the horses and cow down to the barn. Every day gets a little better, but there is another storm coming on Christmas Day. Freezing rain. We had to cancel the Live Nativity, which makes me so sad.
All of the animals are doing fine and are cozy in the barn each night. I have had a full body workout every day since Sunday - shoveling manure AND snow. How does my Vermont farmer friend do it? Here are some pictures of the snowfall and the animals. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amy and Ramona

I captured a special moment a few weeks ago of our new cow "Ramona" and a little girl named Amy. I hope you enjoy watching their friendship and love unfold as much as I do.


Monday, November 2, 2009

A Great Party!

Rainbow goat, Shamrock, stood absolutely still for 4 young kids as they painted her at our Halloween Party. This picture is right before her bath.
Goose and Solvin stood stock still for all the kids painting masterpeices. (A little alfalfa hay, and they would stand there forever!)

Ramona Is Here!

Our newest member of the Edenbrook Farm Team is "Ramona" the Jersey cow. She is a retired milking cow, who will teach our participants about the world of bovines.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mystery Tracks

What kind of animal made this footprint? We can't figure it out!